Oaks Golf Club

Rates and Fees
In addition, the Oaks offers a full-service Bar & Grill, Clubhouse facility, and Pro Shop.  
Weekday rates: Monday thru Friday: (Holidays excluded)
   Walking 9 Holes: $17.00 plus tax
   Walking 18 Holes: $23.00 plus tax
   Riding 9 Holes: $25.00 plus tax
   Riding 18 holes: $30.00 plus tax

Weekend and Holiday Rates​
    Walking 9 Holes: $19.50 plus tax
    Walking 18 Holes: $27.50 plus tax
    Riding 9 Holes: $27.50 plus tax
    Riding 18 holes: $44.50 plus tax

Daily Golf Rates
Other Fees
   Member Cart rental 9-holes: $10.50 per bag
   Member Cart rental 18-holes: $15.50 per bag
   Reciprocity Cart rental: $20.00 per bag
   Replay Rate beyond 18 holes: $15.00
   Pull Carts - $5.00 per bag
   Range Balls - $3.50 per bucket (token needed)​
Full Membershp Rates
   Family (3 or more): $1,030.00 plus tax
   Couple (2): $860.00 plus tax
   Single: $625.00 plus tax
   50 Miler: $325.00 plus tax
   Young Adult (19-24): $300.00 plus tax
   Junior: $180.00 plus tax
   Social: $105.00 plus tax
Discount Membership Rates (based upon eligibility)
    Family (3 or more): $625.00 plus tax
    Couple (2): $515.00 plus tax
    Single: $405.00 plus tax

Several discount programs are available, including Stockholder discounts and limited 2-year memberships for new members.  See the membership form for more details

Annual Membership Rates
Other Fees
   MGA/USGA membership: $26.00 per year
   Season cart rental pass (Single): $325.00
   Season cart rental pass (Couple): $475.00
   Range Pass (single): $110.00 per year
   Range Pass (Family)- $145.00 per year
   New share of Stock: $900.00 each
Become an Oaks Stockholder Today!  For 2019 only, you can purchase a share of Oaks Stock for $500.00 which offers discounts on memberships and other benefits throughout the year!